Binary Owl


Empower engineers to control the cloud and allowing you to see the big picture between cloud cost and your business

Multi-Cloud Visualization on a Whole New Level

Binary Owl gives you immediate cost visualization on all your accounts on every cloud platform.

All The Costs that Impact Your Bottom Line

Binary Owl ingests your Cloud Costs, so you can pin point your spending allocation. Drill down and zoom out, analyze your spending with our flexible data model.

Predict Your Spending to Match Your Business Growth

Forecast your cloud spending, whether its cyclical or seasonal. Binary Owl can forecast your future cloud spending on your single and multiple cloud infrastructure.

Map Your Utilization with Your Growth

Is your infrastructure costing too much? Binary Owl will help you spot for poorly utilized infrastructure so you can optimize and reduce your billing.

Autopay Cloud
with Crypto

A trustless payment gateway built on Web3 tech stack. With our Autopay feature, we will verify your billing on-chain.

Fiat is also support.

Materia ToolKit

Binary Owl

Cloud Billing Consolidation and Visualization Tool. Never struggle with understanding your cloud platforms billing. We will consolidate the bill into understandable chunks and provide useful visualizations so you understand where your cloud budget is being spent and how.

Supported Clouds

Working with the best has never been easier!

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