Cloud Crypto Gateway

Smart Contracts

We set out with a simple mission.

We wanted to create a way to help reduce risk and increase transparency for our clients and the web 3.0 industry at large. In doing so, we are proud to have created our own smart contract platform.

Materia Logic is now helping facilitate the payment process between services and the web 3.0 industry. We are excited to showcase our Cloud Crypto Gateway smart contracts.

Keeping in line with our company's core values. We want to ensure the user process is easy, transparent, secure, and accessible.

We achieved this in five steps.

  • First, our platform initializes a wallet connection.

  • Second, an invoice statement is issued.

  • Third, Oracle will provide Statement of Proof.

  • Fourth, our smart contract confirms the proof from Oracle and unlocks the funds.

  • Lastly, the funds are available for withdrawal.

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